Alloy Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings

TRUFORM has a vast experience in manufacturing of alloy cast iron pipes and fittings which are used in plumbing, irrigation, sludge pipes and for drinking, industrial, ash handling, brine & liquid in chemical industries and crude & refined oil purposes.

Some special aspects of these pipes and fittings are that they are able to withstand high pressure, are inherently tough, resistant to corrosion, non-absorbant, have higher tensile strength, firm & easy jointing, easy machinability, easy handling & laying and low maintenance cost.

The pipes go through several rounds of mechanical and hydrostatic tests. Mechanical tests are carried out during manufacturing itself. Mechanical tests are done for every four hours of production. While in hydrostatic tests, pressure is applied to the pipes internally and maintained for a period of minimum 10 seconds. This ensures that there is no sweating or defect of any kind and like our other products, what you get are totally defect free alloy cast iron pipes and fittings. (add downloadable PDF)